Flight descriptions

Embark on an adventure dynamics and entertaininge. Take advantage of sharp bendss (360°) with Wing over and passes close to the ground for a dose adrenaline more. Try your hand at paragliding piloting and make your first turns in double command with your experienced instructor. Prepare yourself for thrills in the air! These sensational flights at tandem paragliding offer an unforgettable experience, open to everyone, from beginners intrigued by enthusiasts in search of unique sensations. This is an exceptional opportunity to discover the pleasures of free flight above the highest Dune in Europe.


We accept all forms of payment: Cheques ANCVCredit card, Paypal, Cash, SEPA transfer.


Our passengers are insured by the Fédération Française de Vol Libre (FFVL).


The service includes transport to take-off and return to your vehicle.